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Network Smart Production: Industry 4.0

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The company Cleopa GmbH from Hennigsdorf is looking for small and medium-sized enterprises with competent development personnel (engineers, constructors, computer scientists) for the creation of a network. The envisaged network would focus on the development of solutions for being optimally prepared for the future of digital production. Together with the network partners solutions will be developed; then applications for funds will be filed in the framework of the programme “Central Innovation Management Mittelstand” for the implementation of those solutions.

Automation technologies for Sanitary Products

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A Polish producer of sinks and worktops for bathrooms would like to become more efficient and increase its production capacities and therefore needs help with the overhaul of its production process.

Innovative Technology for the Priming of Tool Steel

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The research centre of a Czech university developed an innovative technology for the priming of tool steel, which can increase the resilience of materials. Needed are producers of tool steel who are interested in this process and would like to engage in a technological cooperation.

Research Cooperation Metal Powder Envisaged

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A start-up in the north of Italy, which is active in the production of metal powder, is looking for partners in the field of additive manufacturing or in other powder metallurgical sectors. The company would like to initiate research collaborations.

MeMeVET: Recruitment of Skilled Employees

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The network HighTech Startbahn Netzwerk is the German partner of the European project MeMeVET. Needed are businesses that would be willing to share information about what abilities and skills they expect their future employees to have. The goal is, among other things, to develop a European curriculum for study programmes and training courses in the fields of mechatronics and metallurgy.

Cooperation Offers EU Projects (e.g. RFCS)

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An Italian research laboratory offers many services for analyses, tests and measurements with regard to materials and components. The goal is to develop a standard process for the analysis and testing of hydrogen embrittlement in steel. The company offers collaborations in various EU projects, e.g. in the framework of the RFCS (Research Fund for Coal and Steel).

Semiconductor Electronics/Sensor Technologies/Photovoltaics

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A French university would like to act as a coordinator for a European project on the development of new approaches to the production of power devices in the framework of the Horizon 2020 programme. The consortium has identified relevant calls for the implementation of this project. Needed are industrial partners from the fields of semiconductor electronics/sensor technologies/photovoltaics.