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Conference in Poland: "Challenges in management in the face of the Economy 4.0"

23. June 2022 9:00 AM –
24. June 2022 5:00 PM
Universität Białystok | ul. Świerkowa 20B | 15-328 Białystok

On 23.–24.06.2022, the Institute of Management of the University of Bialystok is organizing the International Scientific Conference "Challenges in management in the face of Economy 4.0" carried out in a hybrid mode.

The aim of the conference is to identify research areas in consultation with stakeholders (business, administration, society) and to integrate scientists around them in the face of the challenges of Economy 4.0. Due to the presence of representatives of various sectors, including the public sector, the Conference is also to trigger a discussion and outline the areas of support in the new programming period of the European Union, strengthening the possibilities of preparing solutions and projects for the development of Economy 4.0 in Poland.

The aim of the conference is to diagnose the current state of knowledge in the discipline of management and quality science on the challenges posed by the fourth industrial revolution and to generate research areas and projects common to the stakeholders of the Conference (followed by implementation) determined by changing trends in business, science, administration and society , in the face of the challenges of Economy 4.0. 

Each participant of the Conference will have the opportunity to "touch" the latest solutions thanks to the presentation of Industry 4.0 technology demonstrators during the Conference, as well as during study visits to the enterprises of the Metal Processing Cluster of the National Key Cluster – implementing and using Industry 4.0 technologies.